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10 Modern Sci-Fi Anime That Has Been Poor – Science fiction (Sci-fi), especially in anime, remains one of the most popular fiction genres ever created. The problem is that not all sci-fi anime survives over time – and this isn’t just because some of the ideas and technologies that are featured aren’t as futuristic as they once were. This is sometimes associated with bad storylines and characters. It’s also because the subtext is downright scary on rare occasions.

Sword Art Online is best known as a fantasy isekai anime, but it is primarily a science fiction plot. Unlike previous isekai adventures, which were just fantasy with JRPG traps, the real world and any new game Kirito entered were clearly separate. Sword Art Online, unfortunately, isn’t particularly interested in its video game elements.

Fans can project themselves onto Kirito, the powerful Black Swordsman and current blank slate archetype hero, in Sword Art Online. Subsequent seasons dive deeper into this theme, though the first season prioritized power fantasy over in-depth observations of the video game landscape, escapism, and other topics. This, however, is the least of the anime’s divisive problems.

9. Hand Shakers Are Boring Jobs

In brief, Hand Shakers is a cross between A Certain Scientific Railgun and The Future Diary. Here, Tazuna finds himself in the melee of a futuristic city to become a god when he meets Koyori. By holding hands, they unlock incredible powers that they can use to win. While this may sound entertaining if not original, Hand Shakers find the slowest way to tell the story.

The anime relies too much on the show’s narrative and the fights are hard to follow due to the jarring CGI visuals. On the inside of making things worse is the terrible product placement for the Precious Memory card game and the uncomfortable tone of the age gap to incest. If it weren’t for the glacial velocity, Hand Shakers could be a really bad hit.

8. EX-ARM Is The Newest Guilty Pleasure

Ignoring the low-hanging fruit and its pretty awful CG animation, EX-ARM won’t age even less than a year after its conclusion due to its outdated story. Based on the 2011 manga of the same name, EX-ARM could easily be mistaken for one of many clones Ghost In The Shell inspired in its prime.

From predictable cyberpunk tropes to derivative robot designs depicted with Appleseed and much more, EX-ARM has no real bones in its body. Worse, he doesn’t even try to mix these cliches into something new and exciting. EX-ARM being a generic cyberpunk anime isn’t inherently bad, but its lack of effort and imagination is the main trigger.

7. Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 Reduces Franchising To Punchline

Aside from its awkward animations and accidental hilarious moments, SAC_2045 is Ghost In The Shell the worst. Here, his trademark philosophies are exchanged for debates about superpowers, unlike any superhero movie out there. On the other hand, SAC_2045 spread every military-themed action-comedy cliché imaginable. To say it’s generic is an understatement.

As a successor Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, SAC_2045 does not meet the standards set by its predecessor. As title Ghost In The Shell, SAC_2045 the new one is a black mark on the legendary franchise. Major Motoko Kusanagi will finally return, but he needs time to recover in SAC_2045.

6. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Is The Lowest Gundam

Every anime Mobile Suit Gundam is a good source for commentary on the horrors and realities of war. but Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is the exception to that rule. Following three generations of pilots in decades of war,Mobile Suit Gundam AGE very simple and naive. In short, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is Gundam for children.

Reaching a younger audience doesn’t automatically become Gundam bad (see: Gundam Build Fighters), but don’t have to sacrifice the story. Sadly, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is a repetition of the old allusion to Gundamit’s just easier for kids. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE less has a better impact on anime Gundam and is the most lazy and shallow classic war series.

5. Cross Ange Is A Junk But Fun Trainwreck

Simply put, Cross Ange: Rondo Of Angel & Dragon The parts are better than the sum. Para-mails vs DRAGON fights can be used, Embryo is too scary for its own good, plot too much breaks fromGundam SEED, and the allegory of real-world racism (here between magic users and Norma) is basic. On top of that, the fanservice served was too much with Ange receiving a lot of attacks.

Cross Angel in offensive very stiff. Given how many ideas it tries to tackle, it’s no surprise that this anime doesn’t succeed in everything it sets out to do. And again, Cross Angel has a dedicated fan base that (ironically) loves it precisely because of its flaws. But beyond its uniqueness, Cross Angel is an anime that is hard to enjoy.

4. Guilty Crown Is Code Geass, But So Bad

Guilty Crown denying its potential by becoming an original anime which is more of a collage than other anime ideas. In particular, Guilty Crown can be seen as a love letter to Code Geass. However, the nuances and complexities that define Lelouch’s war against Britannia are traded for plot discovery and frontier attacks on social issues.

One of the most famous examples is Shuu using eugenics to determine the grades of his schoolmates, who viewers mocked endlessly by changing his name to Hitler. Unhelpful is how unbearable Shuu is, while every other character is a throwaway cliché (e.g. there’s a cat girl). Guilty Crown is an unoriginal and highly written sci-fi/political thriller, whose only redeeming factor is the ironic comedy.

3. Gantz Ends With Too Many Loose Ends

Gantz it’s not the easiest anime to get into and it’s not because of the high concentration of gore, nihilism, and nudity. Near the end, Gantz trades gritty survival/horror action for navel-gazing surrealism. Here, Kei defeats Gantz in the final match, but then he is transported back to the day he died. Instead of running away from the carriage, Kei faced down and disappeared.

The anime ends there, leaving no answers and asking more questions. Gantz it only gets more confusing with each successful rewatch, as none of the mystery pays off and the ending doesn’t live up to what went before it. The same cannot be said for manga which, juvenile and misanthropic as it is, at least has a concrete ending and purpose to create.

2 Gifts: The Right Answer Speaks To Its Audience

Gift heralded as anime Arrivals, and it happened in the first half. Sadly, Gift is what happens if it’s nuanced Arrival ends with a Super Saiyan melee. In brief, Gift ends with two god-like cosmic beings – zaShunina and Tsukai – fighting over the right to impose their ideology on humanity.

If zaShunina believes in forced progress, Tsukai wants nature to take its course. Both made big statements, but they never asked Earthlings what they really wanted. Other issues include the rigid progress of painting as evil, tilting to Tsukai’s side, and the deus ex machina in Kojiro’s time-traveling (and currently unborn) daughter defeating zaShunina.

1. GATE Is Flashy Nationalist Propaganda

GATE – Thus The Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought Here has become something of a meme since its release because, without exaggeration, it is propaganda for the JSDF. Derided as Starship Troopers without innuendo and self-awareness, GATE shamelessly promotes the Japanese military as the largest armed force in the world.

Apart from militarism, GATE also exudes nationalistic tendencies, imperialistic rhetoric, sexist undertones, right-wing support for Japan, and worse. These were so unsettling that they were toned down in both the light novels and anime before their release. Topping it all is the anime’s blatant wish fulfillment as seen in its main character Yoji Itami, an expert warrior and otaku who attracts all fantasy women.

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