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10 Instant Foods You Can Bring When You Go Up the Mountain

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Instant food for climbing mountains, what we usually call ready-to-eat food, is food that can be prepared quickly and is more practical to carry everywhere. This type of food is more needed for those of you who are traveling, especially for those of you who are going up the mountain.

Mountain climbing is one of the most energy-intensive activities. So it is very important to prepare supplies such as nutritious food but still practical to carry. Climbing will run lighter, more enjoyable and not easily sluggish with nutritious food and full of energy sources.

Instant food for climbing the mountain – Instant food is identical to instant noodles, but is this the only food that is practical for you to take with you when climbing the mountain? The answer is “no”, there are several other types of food that are also practical to take up the mountain and of course remain nutritious. Here’s a list of instant mountain-climbing foods that you can take with you and stay nutritious

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one type of nutritious food that is practical and easy to carry and prepare when you go up the mountain. Oatmeal packaging itself is quite diverse, but climbers generally choose the type of cereal sachet to make it more compact to carry and will not take up space in the carrier.

Oatmeal has several nutritional content such as vitamin B complex and dietary fiber which is good for the body, digestion and heart health. Instant food recommendations for climbers because you will avoid feeling weak, heartburn and even hungry easily, because of the fiber and vitamins contained in it.

You can serve this oatmeal with additional toppings such as dried raisins, apricots, dates or cheese to add flavor and delicacy. Hassle-free instant food and very practical for climbers.

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2. Wheat Bread

Wheat bread

Wheat bread is a type of food made from whole wheat seeds, the texture of the bread is coarser, more tasteless and brown. Usually whole wheat seeds have a complete layer such as seed, bran and endosperm. The three layers are high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, carbohydrates and other minerals.

Carbohydrates and high protein will be very useful as a source of energy for a climber. In addition, the high fiber content will also keep you full, so you will not get hungry easily. If you don’t like whole wheat bread, you can also bring white bread or other wet bread.

3. Sausage, Nuggets or Tempura

Sausage, Nugget or Tempura

Sausage, Nugget and Tempura is one of the instant foods to go up the mountain that we recommend. In addition to good taste, this food is also very practical to be carried by climbers. Meat sausage has several contents such as vitamin B12, protein and iron which is quite high.

You can get this sausage in various ways, such as grilled sausage, sweet and sour sausage, fried sausage or enjoyed directly without being processed. Can also be used as a side dish for bread or potatoes by adding mayonnaise sauce and vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes.

If you don’t really like sausages, other options are tempura nuggets, various meatballs (beef meatballs, fish balls, tofu meatballs and the like), or otak-otak. A type of food that tastes good and is still practical to carry when climbing a mountain.

4. Honey, Chocolate, Dates or Brown Sugar

  Honey, Chocolate, Dates or Brown Sugar

Dates, brown sugar, honey, dates and chocolate are types of food that can provide energy when you eat them, Chocolate contains 170 calories in each ounce and honey contains 64 calories in each spoon, the type of food that is very good for restoring stamina and restoring energy when is climbing the mountain.

These four types of food are very easy to find in many packages, such as dates in liquid form, honey in plastic bottles and so on. The practical packaging offered is of course to make it easier for you to carry it when you go up the mountain.

5. Seasoned Canned Sardines or Tuna

Sardines or Seasoned Canned Tuna

The next instant food that is easy to process is sardines or canned tuna that has been seasoned. You only need to heat it or you can add sliced ​​chilies, tomatoes and onions according to taste.

As an accompaniment you can cook rice, bring rice cake from home or use sweet potatoes such as potatoes. Generally this type of food is used for short hikes such as one day and night.

6. French Fries or Sweet Potatoes

French fries

Instant food for hiking – French fries or other types of sweet potatoes can also be taken as a substitute for rice. Besides being practical and not needing to cook when going up the mountain. This type of food is also more filling and nutritious. You can eat it with nuggets, sausage, tempura and such.

7. Cereal Bar

Cereal Bar

Cereal bars are also one of the instant foods, very practical for climbers to carry. Each packet of cereal bars contains approximately 170 calories. Good to restore energy and restore your energy in the middle of climbing. In addition, cereal bars are also quite filling, so you don’t get hungry easily.

8. ORS


The type of drink that is highly recommended when climbing the mountain. Drinks that can replace ION fluids in your body. You can find this ORS at any pharmacy. It is enough to mix ORS into a bottle of drinking water and shake it until ORS blends with the liquid. You can drink it when you feel tired on the hike.

9. Tofu & Tempe

  Tofu and tempe

Instant food for climbing mountains – Popular foods such as tofu and tempeh are also nutritious foods full of nutrients that you can take with you when climbing. You can process it with or without spices, it can be boiled or fried. But it should be noted, because this type of food can not last too long. So it’s good for the food menu on the first day of climbing.

10. Creamy Soup or Instant Chicken Porridge

  Cream Soup

You can also make cream soup and chicken porridge on the menu when you go up the mountain. Because nowadays there are lots of chicken porridge and instant cream soup with practical and concise packaging. You just need to mix it with hot water and stir until thick.

This practical way of making is generally written on the back of the package. Compared to instant noodles, cream soup and chicken porridge are much more recommended especially considering the cold weather in the mountainous area. Of course, it will be very delicious if you can enjoy hot food that is practically made.

You can also bring boiled eggs, packaged spaghetti, ginger wedang drink and various other drinks that can warm the body. Well, that’s a list of 10 instant foods to climb the mountain that you can take on a hike other than instant noodles. Hopefully the above information can be useful for those of you who are planning a hike.

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