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10 Images of Typical Papuan Souvenirs 2022 Selling Cheap Prices

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When it comes to the natural beauty of Indonesia, apart from Bali and Lombok, which one is the most enchanting in our archipelago?

Papua is one of the tourist destinations with a very exotic natural charm. The province, one of which is dubbed the city of oil, is Sorong City, West Papua.

There are many tourist objects there, such as nature tourism, culture, and several others. In addition, Papua is still very close to its customs and culture.

In addition to its natural wealth, culinary and souvenirs are also diverse, you know. Now for those of you who are on vacation in Papua, confused about what gifts to bring for your family and relatives at home, it’s really obligatory to read this article to the end.

Here we summarize some typical Papuan souvenirs that you can take home to give to those closest to you.

1. Tifa’s Musical Instrument

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If you are looking for Papuan souvenirs in the form of musical instruments, you can buy tifa. Tifa is a Papuan musical instrument made of leather on top and wood carvings underneath. The shape is very unique and varied.

You can buy this musical instrument to be used as a display in the wardrobe or hung on the wall. You just come to Jayapura Hamadi Market to buy this souvenir. The prices offered are quite diverse.

2. Statue of the Asmat Tribe

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When it comes to the art of carving, the Asmat Tribe is one of the tribes that has a high taste in this matter. With this carving, the Asmat people make crafts in the form of Asmat statues.

The results of the carving of the statue have its own uniqueness. And making the Asmat Statue into an original handicraft from Papua is one of the most sought after souvenirs by local and foreign tourists.

3. Mask

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In addition to the Asmat statue, other Papuan souvenirs are masks. This typical Raja Ampat mask has a very clear philosophy that represents the people and culture of Papua. To be able to find and get this mask, you just have to visit souvenir shops throughout Papua.

The price of this mask is around 300 thousand to millions of rupiah. This expensive price is certainly worth it with a touch of eastern Indonesian culture which is thick and unique, right?

4. Noken bag

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This Raja Ampat Noken bag must be included in your souvenir shopping list. This unique Papuan bag is a must have. Its uniqueness lies in the way this bag is used, namely by draping it on the head.

In addition to the unique way of using it, the model and design of the Noken Bag is no less interesting. Should be used as your latest bag collection so that your appearance looks newer.

5. Batik

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Original Papuan batik is also worthy of your collection, you know. The hallmark of Raja Ampat Batik is that its underwater beauty and diversity are used as motifs.

So don’t forget to buy this Raja Ampat batik to take it as a souvenir. Besides being used as a personal collection, it can also be used as a gift for those around you.

6. Pearl

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One of the icons of Papua Province is Mutiara. So it’s not surprising that these pearls are often used as Papuan souvenirs that must be taken home. The eastern region of Indonesia is known to be rich in shellfish cultivation, so this is what causes Papua to be abundant in pearls.

The quality of the pearls is very good, so it’s really a shame if you go to Papua, but you don’t bring home this typical pearl souvenir. It can also be used as a wedding ceremony.

7. Ant’s Nest

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Besides pearls, Papua is also famous for its rare plants, you know. This native Papuan medicinal plant can be used as a medium for healing chronic pain.

Well, apart from medicinal plants and pearls, Papua also has an anthill. This typical Papuan souvenir is often used as herbal medicine or medicine. It might sound a little weird, but these gifts have many benefits. Don’t forget to buy these souvenirs!

8. Wood Carving

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One of the other typical Papuan souvenirs that we recommend is Wood Carving. This Papuan souvenir is unique because it is carved on wood or bark. If you buy a typical Papuan bark carving, as well as a fur hat typical of the Asmat Tribe.

This souvenir can be used as a display at home, so that your room will look more curistic. However, the price is quite good, reaching millions of rupiah. Lio Art Papua is the place where you can find this souvenir.

9. Wood Bark Crafts

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Asei Island, Sentani, Jayapura Regency is the best producer of bark crafts in Papua. This bark craft is made into a painting. The motif of this painting takes the concept of the surrounding environment while still highlighting the Sentani culture.

Currently, this bark craft is worldwide just like noken, so it’s a loss if you don’t have a collection of souvenirs on this one. In addition to these handicrafts, there are bags, hats, key chains, and crowns. Prices range from tens to hundreds of thousands.

10. Papuan T-shirt

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Not different from other cities in Indonesia, Papua also has a unique shirt with a unique motif. Suitable for various groups, from children to adults. To be able to buy this Papu t-shirt is quite easy.

Because there are quite a lot of shops and markets that sell these souvenirs at low prices too. From 50 thousand to hundreds of thousands.
So, those were some of our recommended Papuan souvenirs that you can bring back to Jakarta or your hometown.

Have any other recommendations?? Comment below, guys!

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