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10 Images of Traditional Papuan Sago Cakes 2022

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Indonesia is an archipelagic country which is famous for its rich natural and cultural resources. From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia is divided into 34 provinces. Each province has a different culture and is a characteristic of the area.

Culture does not only include things such as traditional dances, customs, weapons, traditional clothes, traditional houses, musical instruments, folk songs, but also includes culinary. That is, each region has its own special food which is a culinary icon for the area.

One of the provinces that has a variety of distinctive culinary is Papua. Located at the easternmost tip of Indonesia, Papua not only has koteka, isolated black people, and various tourist attractions with beautiful natural scenery, but also has many unique culinary delights. From the main food, to a variety of traditional snacks and cakes typical of Papua, you know.

So, are you curious about what traditional Papuan snacks and cakes should be tried for culinary references? Let’s see first:

1. Lontar Cake

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Hey, who would have thought that the picture above is Pie Susu? It’s wrong, because the picture above is Cake Lontar, a Papuan cake called the Papuan milk pie. The shape is very similar to the Pie Susu found in Bali or cheese tart. The name of this cake comes from the Dutch language, namely londtart which means round.

Kue Lontar has a sweet taste and a soft and crunchy texture in every bite. The filling for this cake is made of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and warm water. Meanwhile, the skin is made of wheat flour, margarine, and eggs. This cake is cooked in the oven. There are many recipes for this cake on the internet and they are quite easy to follow.

If you travel to Papua, you can find this cake in many bakeries. However, those of you outside Papua can also buy online on line how come!

2. Sago Plate

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Sago Plate is a bread belonging to the Papuan people which is the target of tourists. As the name implies, the meaning of Sago Plate is food processed from sago in the form of plates. Usually, Sago Plate is enjoyed by dipping it into tea or coffee because of its hard texture. This dish is very popular in Papua and West Papua.

Making Sago Plates is fairly easy, but quite difficult to find in places to eat because it is usually a family consumption which is eaten immediately after cooking. However, the preparation is fairly easy like how to make other bread. Initially, the taste of this bread was bland, but recently, many have started making it with a sweet taste.

3. Bagea

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Land of Cenderawasih is indeed a sago producer that does not need to be doubted. Because, the processed sago very much. Apart from Papeda and Sago Plates, Bagea Cake is also one that is made from sago. The shape is made small with brown color. The texture is a bit hard but melts when eaten.

Some of the ingredients for this cake are sago, sugar, walnuts, flour, cinnamon, cloves, and peanuts. For the filling, usually green beans as a flavor enhancer. The many spices used to make this cake have a distinctive taste, especially the walnuts.

This cake is perfect to be enjoyed with tea or coffee. If you travel to Papua, this cake can also be taken home as a souvenir, you know.

4. Rolled Abon Bread

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Roti Abon Roll is shredded in large quantities wrapped in rolls. Abon Roll is very soft when bitten, but feels solid when chewed. Of course, from the name you can guess that the main ingredient for making Abon Roll is shredded beef.

Even so, this bread still has various variants, you know. Some of them are spicy, salty, chocolate, filled with sausages, or Abon Rolls which are served with milk. The variant created is intended so that the audience does not feel bored with just one variant.

If you want to try and bring home Abon Roll as a souvenir, you can buy it at Hawai Bakery at various airports in cities in Papua such as Jayapura, Manokwari, Merauke, Timika, Nabire, and Biak.

5. Sago Martabak

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So far, people only know about the martabak that is given variously toppings Sweet or egg martabak served with soy sauce. However, this one martabak is different because it uses sago flour as the main ingredient. Even so, making this martabak is quite simple, you know.

To make this dish, sago must first be mashed and then fried. After frying, then add brown sugar in the middle to add a sweet taste. If you are traveling to the Land of Cendrawasih, don’t forget to try this culinary one!

6. Cassava Chips

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For those of you who want Papuan chips, you have to try the Keladi Chips from Sorong City. As the name implies, this one pastry is made from taro which is a typical Papuan tuber. The taste is spicy, sweet, and savory combined in the crispness of the chips.

If you want to go to Raja Ampat and stop in Sorong for a while, these chips can be used as snacks to take home as souvenirs, you know!

7. Ant’s Nest Cake

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Ants Nest is one of the typical Papuan foods that can be processed into sweet and delicious cakes. In addition, Ants Nest also has many health benefits because it is considered to be able to cure various diseases so it is suitable for those of you who like to snack but still want to be healthy.

However, if you want to try making your own, some recipes for this cake can be found on the internet and are quite easy to follow.

8. Sago Sep

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There’s more, processed sago that is made into a dish, namely Sago Sep. This dish is made from sago mixed with coconut and meat, sago caterpillar, snakehead fish, or even fruit. As shown in the picture above, this dish is wrapped in banana leaves and tied with bark. Well, just cooked by placing it on coals.

The name Sago Sep certainly has something to do with the ingredients and how to cook this dish. Sago is the main ingredient, while sep is how to cook it on coals.

9. Matoa Fruit Ice

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Ice Fruit Matoa is a refreshing Papuan snack because it is dominated by sweet, sour, and fresh flavors. As the name implies, this fruit ice is made from matoa fruit as the main ingredient which is combined with red fro, green jelly, black grass jelly, basil seeds, nutmeg seeds, and Papuan spices.

10. Sago Caterpillar Satay

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Sago caterpillars have been a staple food in Papua since prehistoric times. This is because they contain high levels of protein and low cholesterol. Sago caterpillars are obtained from old and fallen sago tree trunks. Well, sago caterpillar satay is a delicious snack.

Those are some kinds of traditional Papuan snacks and cakes that can be used as a reference for culinary in Irian Jaya. So, among the various kinds of cakes and snacks above, which one do you most want to try?

Have any other recommendations?? Comment below, guys!

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