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10 Hotels Owned by World Celebrities, Richard Gere to Cristiano Ronaldi

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Hospitality is indeed a very profitable business, this is the main attraction for world celebrities to invest their money in the property business, especially celebrity-owned hotels. Indeed, to open this property business requires a large enough capital. But it turns out that there are lots of world celebrities who make luxury, classy hotels, and have fantastic prices. It also attracts some people to decide, enjoy the facilities of this luxurious hotel. You want to know how the world’s luxury celebrity hotels? just read the article below!

1. Pestana CR7 Hotel (Cristiano Ronaldo)

This celebrity-owned hotel which is in first place is owned by a football player who is very famous in the world, with his wealth! Even Cristiano Ronaldo was unmitigated to build this Pestana CR7 Hotel for around $70 million. The Pestana CR7 Hotel has a football-inspired interior, and there are some cool photos of Cristiano Ronaldo on display on the walls of the Pestana CR7 Hotel. The Pestana CR7 Hotel, owned by Cristiano Ronaldo, is located in the Madeira area, Portugal. To stay at the Pestana CR7 Hotel, you have to pay around Rp. 2,204,907 for 1 night. Who here is a big fan of the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo? Don’t admit to being a big fan, if you haven’t stayed at the Pestana CR7 Hotel, just one time when you stay here there’s a ‘ Pestana CR7 Hotel’ visiting the hotel, right, you can take photos with Cristiano Ronaldo. How are you interested in staying here?


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2. The Bedford Post Inn (Richard Gere)

the bedford post inn

This actor has a hotel with complete facilities. The Bedford Post Inn is away from the city center and The Bedford Post Inn is in Bedford, New York. from restaurants serving organic dishes, and several places to practice yoga are available at The Bedford Post Inn. To stay at The Bedford Post Inn you can pay around Rp. 7,490,478 for 1 night.

3. Palazzo Margherita (Francis Ford Coppola)

palazzo margherita

If you are a lover of the film The Godfather, you must be familiar with a director named ‘Francis Ford Coppola’. This Palazzo Margherita belongs to the famous director. So don’t be surprised if Palazzo Margherita looks very luxurious, classic, and the facilities at Palazzo Margherita are very complete.

The facilities at Palazzo Margherita include a film studio, vineyard, bar, swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves classy dishes in the style of a 5-star hotel. This Palazzo Margherita is located in Italy, and the hotel which has a castle building style in the 19th century was designed by a famous French designer. So don’t be surprised if the Palazzo Margherita looks very classic, and elegant. To stay at Palazzo Margherita you can pay around Rp. 6,178,718 for 1 night. This Palazzo Margherita offers an experience of staying like being in a kingdom, because the buildings here are really cool, and certainly make anyone feel at home for long in this place, so don’t be surprised if many celebrities stay at Palazzo Margherita.

4. Armani Hotel (Giorgio Armani)

Armani Hotel

The famous clothing designer Giorgio Armani has a hotel with a minimalist and elegant design. This hotel has a calssic suite, and complete facilities. Armani Hotel was built in 2 countries, namely Dubai and Milan. The rate per night at the Armani Hotel is around Rp. 7,177,766 for 1 night.

5. Mission Ranch Hotel (Clint Eastwood)

mission ranch hotel

Clint Eastwood is a famous actor and film director. The actor built the Mission Ranch Hotel on an area of ​​22 hectares. Mission Ranch Hotel has 31 rooms, and complete facilities. The facilities at Mission Ranch Hotel include a bar, gym, restaurant, and swimming pool.
Every room in the Mission Ranch Hotel is usually equipped with an iron, tv, refrigerator, wifi, hair dryer, and you will be served with 5 star hotel services. To stay at the Mission Ranch Hotel you can pay around Rp. 2,800,000 for 1 night. Mission Ranch Hotel is located in Carmel, California, United States.

6. Greenwich Hotel (Robert De Niro)

greenwich hotel

This Greenwich Hotel is owned by an actor named Robert De Niro. Greenwich Hotel is located in Tribeca, New York, Greenwich. Greenwich Hotel also has complete facilities including a swimming pool, spa, gym, bar, and restaurant that are ready to pamper you with delicious menus. Greenwich Hotel has more than 80 rooms with luxurious interiors. To stay at the Greenwich Hotel you have to pay around Rp. 10,641,234 for 1 night.

7. Cromlix House (Andy Murray)

cromlix house

Andy Murray is a tennis player who has won a gold medal at the Olympics. This Cromlix House is in Dublane which is on the estate. Cromlix House is designed in the style of the building in the 1980s. This Cromlix House has very complete facilities, and the classic build makes anyone feel at home at Cromlix House for a long time. To enjoy complete facilities at Cromlix House, you can pay around Rp. 4,425,872 for 1 night.

8. Palazzo Versace (Donatella Versace)

palazzo versace italy

This Palazzo Versace hotel belongs to the famous designer celebrity in Italy, Donatella Versace. This Palazzo Versace has a classic interior with white walls, and a wooden patterned floor that adds to the elegant impression of Palazzo Versace. this hotel has complete facilities, and is a classy 5 star hotel on the Gold Coast, Australia. To enjoy various hotel facilities, and comfort at the Palazzo Versace, you can pay a hotel rate of around Rp. 3,906,725 for 1 night.

9. Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (Hugh Jackman)

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

This luxurious celebrity-owned hotel in Australia is owned by an actor named Hugh Jackman. at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat you will be pampered with attractive luxury hotel facilities, and one of the facilities that you can enjoy at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a spa.

The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat building is indeed very classic, using wood, so that it gives an elegant impression. No wonder Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is included in a luxury resort in Australia. To enjoy various facilities at the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, unfortunately, at this time it is not known how much it costs, so to find out the rates for Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, you can call the number on Google.

10. Blackadore Caye (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Blackadore Caye

Who does not know Leonardo DiCaprio, this top actor is indeed very famous in the film world. Blackadore Caye is a luxury hotel located on an island called Belize. Uniquely Blackadore Caye is an environmentally friendly hotel, so this hotel uses environmentally friendly solar energy, because Leonardo DiCaprio really cares about the environment. Now to stay at this luxurious Blackadore Caye you can pay around Rp. 24.100.000 for 1 night.

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