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South of Jogja is like the edge of the world’s page, along the 70 km of the sea, there are dozens of beautiful beaches fenced off. These are the 10 most famous beaches in Jogja with all their beauty, from romantic sunsets to exotic waterfalls.

Updated on December 30, 2021

Feel every grain of sand. Whether it’s black sand from volcanic eruptions, or white sand from coral crumbs from the bottom of the ocean. Follow the coastline from Parangtritis Beach which is full of magical legends decorated with romantic sunset views, to charming white sand beaches in Gunungkidul.

Not only the beauty of the scenery that we can enjoy there, a variety of entertaining activities will complete our holiday agenda. Try horseback riding in the dim twilight, or climb the high cliffs at Siung Beach. Feel the sensation of a party on the beach, have dinner at a beachside cafe with a starry sky roof, to surf the waves of the Indian Ocean. Everything is in Yogyakarta.

1. Parangtritis Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Parangtritis Beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Its location which is not too far from the city center is one of the reasons besides of course because of the series of charms it has. Here we can do many things, such as conquering the sand dunes with an ATV, playing kites, or walking along the beach with a cart in a romantic twilight. Not many also know that there is a temple and a waterfall on this beach.

2. Indrayanti Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Adjacent to Sundak Beach, this beach bordered by coral hills not only saves the beauty of views of white sand, coral hills, and clear blue water. Feel the warm atmosphere of Indrayanti Beach until the night while enjoying the stars scattered in the black sky. Dinner on the beach will certainly be an unforgettable romantic experience.

3. Single Pok Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

The narrow and cobbled streets are the gateway to Pok Tunggal Beach. Unexpectedly, behind a rock cliff and hidden from the outside world, there is a very beautiful white sand beach. A tree in the middle becomes the icon of this beach. Enjoying Pok Tunggal Beach is incomplete if we haven’t reached the end of the day, because that’s when we will see the beauty of the sun returning to the horizon.

4. Ngobaran Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Ngobaran Beach is a beach that is rich in cultural charm. Here, apart from discovering the beauty of the beach, we will also see how various cultures and beliefs can get along with each other. This can be seen from the existence of several places of worship with different beliefs that stand side by side.

5. Glagah Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Glagah Beach offers a complete beach tour, from beautiful lagoon views, biking and motocross facilities to coastal agro-tourism. Not only that, there is dragon fruit agro-tourism on the shore, we can also rent canoes and boats to circle around the lagoon. For fishing and motocross enthusiasts, this area is also very supportive. Don’t miss the beauty of the waves being crushed by the breakwater against the backdrop of the sunset.

6. Sundak Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Visiting Sundak Beach is not just about enjoying white sand, warm sea water and calm blue skies. The story of the fight between the asu (dog) and the hedgehog which later became the name for this beach is also an attraction in itself. From this fairy tale, we can relate the process of changing landscapes and folklore because of the geological evidence that can still be traced to this day.

7. Siung Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

This is the beach for climbers. On Siung Beach there are dozens of climbing routes with various heights and different levels of difficulty. That’s what makes this beach often used as a location for rock climbing events to the international level. From these high cliffs we can see the Indian Ocean more freely. If you are not a climber, it doesn’t matter because we can still play on the beach.

8. Krakal Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Surfing in Bali or Banyuwangi is normal. How about Yogyakarta? Come to Krakal Beach, here we can feel the sensation of playing with the waves without having to go far beyond the island of Java. Even so, you don’t need to be a surfer to be able to enjoy Krakal Beach because we can still play with sand and water on this white sandy beach.

9. Drini Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Drini Beach is one of the special beaches in Gunungkidul because of the existence of a small island in the middle. Not just any island, because this island divides the beach into two parts with different characters. Like a double personality with one side calm and gentle, while the other side is hard and fierce. On the west side a row of outrigger boats were resting waiting for their return to the sea. When tired, the thatched roof huts are ready to shade our hot heads.

10. Jogan Beach

top 10 beaches in jogja

Waterfalls that fall into the sea is not a common thing. Hidden behind karst hills, Gunungkidul in the south of Yogyakarta actually has a waterfall that falls directly into the sea. Jogan Beach, a charm that is hard to resist. Come when the rainy season arrives, surely we will be able to enjoy this waterfall curtain.

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