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10 Cheap and Comfortable Hostels in Singapore Guaranteed to be Clean and Satisfied!

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Cheap hostels in Singapore can certainly be the best choice for those of you who really want to vacation in Singapore. Because basically Singapore is one of the most visited countries by world tourists, including Indonesia. Immediately following the full discussion. Below is hostels in Singapore that offer affordable and comfortable prices as a place to stay.

1. Royal Hostel Singapore

For those of you who really want to stay close to several tourist attractions, then there is nothing wrong with choosing Royal Hostel Singapore. The location of this hostel is so close to Chinatown which is only 100 m away. Besides being close to several tourist attractions, the services provided in each room are also of high quality. of course you can easily get air conditioning, privacy curtains, free toiletries, a seat, to a privacy lamp. This hostel offers low prices and of course you will be comfortable while staying here.

Merlion Park

Ice Cream 1 Dollar Orchard

2. Mori Hostel

Mori Hostel

With a very cheap price, you can get the best facilities and services. Mori Hostel is located very close to Mustafa Shopping Centre, City Square Mall, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Tempel, and Sakya Muni Buddha. For the convenience of your transportation, this hostel is located near the Farrer Park MRT station which can be reached on foot for approximately 5 minutes. You will certainly be very comfortable when staying here, because you will get various interesting facilities such as free breakfast every day, private lockers, shared toilets, bathrooms, shelves, and glass lamps.

3. ABC Premium Hostel

ABC Premium Hostel

This hostel not only offers cheap accommodation, but can also be used as a place for free foreign language “courses”. Why is that? This is because ABC Premium Singapore has clean white walls and is decorated with various foreign terms. The facilities offered in the bedroom are also very comfortable because they are dominated by a soothing white color. The location of this hostel is so close to the Little India area.

4. Mony Gallery Hostel

Mony Gallery Hostel

This hostel is located at Lender Street No. 236, Singapore. If you want to visit Boon Keng MRT Station, the distance can be reached only by walking about 5 minutes. However, if you want to go to ION Orchard and Suntec Singapore, then you can drive only with a distance of about 10 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Changi International Airport is about 20 minutes away. Mony Gallery Hostel is one of the cheapest hostels in Singapore. In addition, you can also get the best facilities, such as private lockers, free WiFi, bathrooms with showers, bunk beds, and shared toilets which of course you won’t regret while staying at this hostel.

5. Plush Pods Hostel

Plush Pods Hostel

Are you tired of traveling around and want to rest in a comfortable cheap accommodation in Singapore? Then you can choose Plush Pods. Of course, the facilities offered by this hostel are very suitable for your budget, such as a soft mattress, to offering free WiFi service. In addition, you can store your personal items in a locker safely because you are free to carry the key yourself. Well, for those of you who are bored in the room, then it never hurts to visit the mini library in the living room. In addition, the location of the Plush Pods is very strategic. To get to Victoria Street and Little India, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to walk.

6. River City Inn

River City Inn

Located in the city center, this hostel is also one of the cheap hostels in Singapore that offers comfort for your rest while in Singapore. This hostel not only provides dormitory rooms, but also private rooms. Being in the city center, of course, very strategic for those of you who want to travel to Singapore.

7. Woke Home Capsule Hostel

Woke Home Capsule Hostel

Do you want to feel the uniqueness of Capsule Hostel? Then you must stay at Woke Home Capsule Hostel. As the name implies, this hostel provides a unique capsule-shaped bed at an affordable price. It can be said that this hostel is the first Capsule Hostel in Singapore. So, when you stay here, of course you can sleep like an astronaut. The facilities provided by this hostel are folding tables, TV, glass lamps, and so on. Very cool isn’t it?

8. [email protected] – Hostel


This [email protected] distance from Bugis by driving is only about 8 minutes, while from Chinatown by driving it is only about 14 minutes. To get to Universal Studios is only about 20 minutes by driving. The rooms at [email protected] are equipped with comfortable beds because they offer AC facilities, lockers outside the room, free shampoo or soap, bathroom with shower, shared kitchen, games arena, and so on. You can stay at this hostel which is located at 111H King George Avenue at a low price.

9. [email protected] Clarke Quay

Bunc@Radius Clarke Quay

Comfortable and clean, of course you can get it easily when you stay at this hostel. Offering a bunk bed which is dominated by white with a little touch of black will certainly make your sleep more soundly. Especially when you feel tired after visiting various tourist attractions in Singapore. The main facility in this budget hostel is free WiFi throughout the day. Not only comfortable and cheap, but this hostel offers a strategic location to some of the famous tourist attractions in Singapore. This hostel is located at 36 South Bridge Road.

10. Pine Hostel by Just Inn

Cheapest nearby hotel

After you are tired of traveling around Singapore all day, of course what is really needed is to rest comfortably on a soft bed. Fortunately, Pine Hostel by Just Inn provides bunk beds with soft pillows and mattresses. That way, it will make your sleep more restful.

You don’t need to worry if your sleep is disturbed by other guests, because this hostel has prepared curtains on each bed so that your rest can be more comfortable. Pine Hostel by Just Inn not only provides a cheap and comfortable price for you to rest, but you will also be given free breakfast when staying here. However, if you really want to enjoy other culinary delights, then you can walk to visit Lavender Food Square Center which only takes about 5 minutes.

Would you like to stay in one of the comfortable cheap hostels in Singapore? If so, then the various hotels that have been described above can certainly be a reference for those of you who are eager to stay at cheap hostels in Singapore.

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