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10 Business Hotels in Jakarta Offer Complete and Comfortable Facilities

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Do you have an appointment for a meeting in Jakarta? Confused about where to find the right place? Well this time GoTravelly I will share the 10 best business hotels in Jakarta, which are really suitable for meeting places, with business partners. These 10 business hotels in Jakarta have the right facilities for you to enjoy, apart from a comfortable place, the locations of these hotels are strategically located, and of course classy!

1. Shangri-La Hotel

This Shangri-La hotel is indeed very well known in Indonesia for its quality facilities. This Shangri-La Hotel is equipped with meeting rooms, comfortable rooms, places to eat, the interior of the hotel is also luxurious, and of course there will be serviced by hotel workers with 5-star hotel standards.

Location : Shangri-La This hotel is located in the BNI City area, Jln. Gen. Sudirman Kav.1, Tanah Abang, Jakarta.


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2. Hotel Aryaduta

aryaduta hotel jakarta

This hotel has a strategic location, close to offices, restaurants, shopping centers, and much more. The Aryaduta Hotel is also one of the hotels favored by Jakarta residents, because this hotel has complete facilities. Among them there is a spa, fitness, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and of course there is a bussness center. Here you can choose whether you want a small or spacious meeting place. How is this Aryaduta Hotel really suitable for you, make it a meeting place.

Location : Jln. KKO Usman & Harun 44-48, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

3. Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni

Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni

The hotel in third place is the Hotel Vertu Hotel Harmoni. This hotel has the perfect place for you who are on a business trip, because this hotel has a comfortable place, and a strategic location. close to shopping centers, restaurants, and easy access to transportation for you to find here.

The service at the Hotel Vertu Hotel Harmoni is also of the standard of a 5-star hotel. So for those of you who want to have a meeting, Hotel Vertu Hotel Harmoni is the right choice. The interior of the Hotel Vertu Hotel Harmoni is also luxurious, neat, and of course comfortable.

Location : Jln. Hayam Wuruk no. 6, Gambir, Harmoni, Jakarta.

4. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

The hotel in fourth place is also one of the business hotels of choice, because DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel has a luxurious, comfortable interior, and has many conference rooms. perfect for those of you who want to meet at the hotel. This hotel also has good service, yes, it’s only natural that DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel becomes a 5 star hotel, which is no longer in doubt for its service.

Location : Jln. East Pegangsaan No. 17, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

5. Veranda Hotel @Pakubuwono

  Veranda Hotel @Pakubuwono

The hotel, which is close to several malls in Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, and Gandaria City, is indeed a 4-star hotel that is suitable for meeting places. Here there are meeting rooms, conference rooms, and comfortable rooms for business trips. How is this place really not recommended for you.

Location : Jln. Kyai Maja no. 63, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.

6. Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta

wyndham casablanca jakarta

Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta is the perfect business hotel for you. This hotel has a strategic location, this hotel is close to the Mall and famous shopping centers in Jakarta, including Kuningan city, Kota Kasabalanka, Kuningan, Lotte Shopping Avenue, and many restaurants that you can use as a location to eat together, after a meeting.

Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta has complete facilities, conference rooms, comfortable, luxurious rooms, and 5-star hotel services.

Location : Jln. Casablanca Kav. 18, Tebet, Jakarta.

7. Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park

Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park

The appearance of the Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park building does look luxurious, right, guys. Now this place is also used as a place for the hotel business. Because the facilities at this 5-star hotel are very complete, from meeting rooms, dining rooms, swimming pools, and luxurious rooms, ready to pamper you. The service is also very good. So Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park is really suitable for you, who want a strategic place, not far from restaurants, shopping centers, and public transportation. Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park can be your choice.

Address : Podomoro City, Jln. Let. Jend S Parman, Kav 28, West Jakarta.

8. Marc Hotel Passer Baroe

Marc Hotel Passer Baroe

Marc Hotel Passer Baroe is a 4 star hotel. Which is the choice of place for a business trip that is right for you. Because this place is in a very strategic location, close to offices, restaurants, and easy to find public transportation. If you don’t use a private car, then Marc Hotel Passer Baroe can be an option, the facilities here are also complete, there are meeting places, places to eat, comfortable rooms, hotels with cool interiors, and good service. Ready to pamper you here.

Address : Jln. Sluice V No. 53. New Market, Jakarta.

9. Raffles Jakarta

Raffles Jakarta

For those of you who like 5-star hotel services, Raffles Jakarta is the right time for you to make a hotel on a business trip, because here you will be pampered with the luxurious facilities available at Raffles Jakarta. including a gym, swimming pool, spa, meeting room, 5-star hotel dishes, and luxurious hotel rooms, perfect for you to rest after a meeting.

Raffles Jakarta also has a strategic place because it is in the Kuningan area, here are also many offices, restaurants, and shopping centers. How Raffles Jakarta is really recommended as a location for your business trip.

Address : Ciputra Word 1, Jln. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta.

10. JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

business hotel in jakarta

Who is this last hotel who doesn’t know its luxury? This 5-star hotel became the “Best Business Hotel in Jakarta” from the Business Traveler Asia Pacific Award in 2018, in Hong Kong. So it’s not surprising that the JW Marriot Hotel has become an option, to be an accommodation for international business travelers while traveling to Jakarta.

The facilities at the JW Marriot Hotel are very complete, there are luxurious rooms, a luxurious lobby, 5-star dishes, 5-star service, meeting rooms, swimming pools, and much more. Instead of being curious, let’s stay at the JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta, it is guaranteed that you will stay here.

Address : Jln. Dr. The idea of ​​Gde Anak Agung, Kav. E. 1.2, No 1-2, Mega Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta.

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