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10 Budget Hotels in Khao San Road Area Backpacker Friends Pick

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Backpackers Heaven, that’s the nickname of a kasawan in Bangkok Thailand, namely Khao San Road. Khao San Road itself is the name of a street in the Rattanakosin Island area which is also one of the oldest areas in Bangkok. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in the Khao San Road area, read the following information to the end because there will be recommendations for cheap hotels there. List of Cheapest Hotels in Khao San Road Area

1. Sam Sen Sam Boutique House Hotel

The first hotel that offers cheap rental prices in the Khao San Road area is Sam Sen Sam Boutique House Hotel. You can see the whole hustle and bustle of Bangkok from the hotel which has a building shape resembling a wooden house. Although it is more than 100 years old, this building is still well maintained.


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2. Buddy Boutique Inn

  Buddy Boutique Inn

The next affordable hotel is one of the well-known hotels in the Khao San Road area, namely Buddy Boutique Inn. This hotel is located right on Khao San Road which is very strategic and close to some of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. So you can explore these tours just by walking from this hotel.

3. Nouvu City Hotel

  Nouvu City Hotel

For those of you who are Muslim, Nouvu City Hotel is the right hotel choice for you. Because this hotel provides halal food. So you don’t have to worry anymore to eat food here. In addition, this hotel also provides perfect facilities with good service.

The facilities provided are of course aimed at pampering the tourists who visit and stay at the Nouvu City hotel. The hotel which provides approximately 270 rooms at very affordable prices you can visit for 24 hours, because it provides a 24-hour reception service.

4. Sawasdee Bangkok Inn

Sawasdee Bangkok Inn

You can enjoy the beautiful colonial-style architecture that spoils the eyes if you stay at Sawasdee Bangkok Inn. One of the affordable hotels that provides excellent service and facilities. Most of the rooms at this hotel have a unique décor made of teak wood.

This hotel is very close to various interesting and famous tourist destinations in Bangkok, one of which is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which you can reach with a distance of 0.9 Km from this hotel. This hotel is perfect for those of you who like a vintage impression.

5. Rambutti Village Plaza

  Rambutti Village Plaza

You want to stay at a cheap hotel that provides swimming pool facilities in the Khao San Road area? Rambutti Village Plaza is the right choice. This hotel provides a rooftop swimming pool so you can swim while enjoying the beautiful view of Bangkok.

This hotel, which is located in a historical area, not only provides swimming pool facilities. You can also enjoy food at the restaurant, then you can also shop for souvenirs there because a souvenir shop is also available. In addition, you can also relieve fatigue by taking advantage of the massage facilities at Rambutti Village Plaza.

6. Sawasdee Banglumpoo Inn

Sawasdee Banglumpoo Inn

The next super cheap hotel in the Khao San Road area is the Sawasdee Banglumpoo Inn. You only need to spend around IDR 273,000 to rent a room at this hotel. Very cheap, right? This hotel is located at 160/1 Khaosan Road, Talatyot, Bangkok.

With a friendly price you can already enjoy a comfortable stay at a hotel that is strategically located. The rooms in this hotel are also presented with an extraordinary beautiful appearance. You are greeted with a refreshing blue bedroom wall and beautiful white tiled floor.

7. Khaosan Park Resort

  Khaosan Park Resort

With prices starting from IDR 351,000 per night, you can already stay at one of the five-star hotels located in the Khao San Road area called Khaosan Park Resort. The price is quite affordable, right? Just come to 202 Khaosan Road, Taladyot, Bangkok to find a cheap hotel in this one Khao San Road area.

You can already enjoy the various facilities provided, ranging from refrigerators, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi with stable speed, private bathrooms, and some rooms with private balconies when staying at this hotel. Each room in this resort is also equipped with elegant wooden furniture.

8. Paragon One Redidence

Paragon One Redidence

You can also find dormitory-style rooms in Bangkok, precisely in the Khao San Road area, namely at Paragon One Residence. This hotel, which is close to the Golden Mountain Temple and Bangkok City Pillar Shriner Lak Muang, offers a very affordable price. Although the price is affordable, the facilities provided are of very high quality.

The service provided by the hotel, which is located at 99/1 Soi Phrasulee, DinsoRoad, Bangkok, is very good and satisfying. You also don’t have to bother and think about toiletries, because this hotel provides free toiletries in the shared bathroom. So if you forget not to bring toiletries, you can use the bathroom with him.

9. Dang Derm Hotel

Dang Derm Hotel

This beautiful 3-star hotel located right on Khao San Road can be a choice of place to stay for those of you who are on vacation in Bangkok. Hotel Dang Der mini offers accommodation at a friendly price and also provides complete facilities. Each room at this hotel is also equipped with an LED TV, refrigerator, safe and bathroom.

If you stay at this hotel, you will be immediately greeted with modern decor and interiors filled with wooden elements. Of course it will make you feel comfortable and provide an eye-catching sight. For those of you who like to take pictures, this hotel is also suitable for your ootd place.

10. Rikka In

cheap nearby hotel

This cost-effective hotel named Rikka Inn is a hotel that offers a variety of facilities with good service quality. If you are looking for a hotel in the middle of the night, just come to Rikka Inn, because the hotel provides a 24-hour reception desk.

In addition, you can also enjoy easy surfing in cyberspace because the Rikka Inn hotel, which is located at 259 Khaosan Road, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok, provides free Wi-Fi with a capable speed. So you can directly upload your photos while resting.

Rikka Inn is also one of the hotels in the Khao San Road area which is in a strategic location that can make it easy for you to reach famous and interesting places in Bangkok.

The hotels above are some of the cheapest hotel recommendations for those of you who are visiting or vacationing in the Khao San Road area of ​​Bangkok. If you are vacationing in several areas around Rattanakosin Island, it never hurts to stay at a cheap hotel in the Khao San Road area above.

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