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10 Basic Pencak Silat Techniques You Can Learn

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022 – 09:07 WIB

VIVA – The basic techniques of pencak silat, everyone must have heard of pencak silat and the history of pencak silat in Indonesia. Even now, pencak silat has penetrated the international world.

Pencak silat is a type of self-purchase art that has been widely taught for a long time and persists until now. if abroad there is Kung Fu, Karate and Boxing.

However, Indonesia has a local martial art called pencak silat or what is often called silat. Pencak silat is an original martial art from Indonesia, especially after being designated by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage through the 14th session.

The trial took place in Bogota, Colombia, December 9-14 2019. Besides being known in Indonesia, pencak silat is also known in a number of Southeast Asian countries. Call it like the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, and also in Thailand.

As quoted from the Deepublish Book Publisher regarding the history and understanding of pencak silat, Before discussing the history of pencak silat, first know the meaning of this typical Indonesian martial art.

Etymologically or from the origin of the word, pencak silat consists of two words. The first is the word ‘pencak’ which means basic martial arts movements that are bound by a rule.

Second, is the word ‘silat’ which means a perfect self-defense movement that comes from spirituality. Pencak silat can then generally be defined as a martial art in which every movement follows or is bound by special rules.

Here are some basic techniques of pencak silat as quoted from Hello Healthy and Popmama as follows:

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