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1 Year Dewa United Involved in Indonesian Sports

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Friday, 18 February 2022 – 22:30 WIB

VIVA – Dewa United celebrates his first birthday. An organization that oversees three sports divisions, ranging from football, basketball, and also esports.

This first anniversary celebration carries the theme ‘Bara Champion in the Soul’. The meaning of the slogan is the burning of the spirit of champion in the soul.

Dewa United FC has just managed to get promoted to Liga 1 next season. In the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL), they are also a top team. Meanwhile, in the esports scene, they are a team that counts.

“So we challenge our players to have the spirit and mentality to win in every match. Be it Dewa United FC in League 1, Dewa United Surabaya in IBL, and Dewa United Esports,” said Tommy Hermawan Lo as the founder of Dewa United.

It was the hard work that brought Dewa United into the national sport. They continue to strive to be able to provide the best results.

“Successful promotion to Liga 1 is the fruit of hard work shown by Dewa United FC. Without the spirit and mentality of champions, of course, we will not be able to achieve our promotion target to League 1 this season,” said Dewa United FC CEO Ardian Satya Negara.

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